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we didn't do the math, but believe us when we say we have a lot of years in our combined experiences.

Experiences in retail, design, strategy, brand, execution, communication. . . things that matter. Experiences that have shaped who we are and what we believe.

We love to work, partner, create, and deliver - and have fun doing it. We love all things brand and retail and want to share our passion with you.

RWOB executive team

David Ball


20+ years in retail services, entrepreneurial branding, business leadership, team building. Passionate about animals, family and having a good time

Lou Terry

Team Member

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Kelsi Wehner

Team Member

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Gilbert Torphy

Team Member

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Kim Marvin

Team Member

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Karianne Blick

Team Member

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Nikki Bechtelar

Team Member

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Katherine Christiansen

Team Member

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Mac Lehner

Team Member

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Kay Schroeder

Team Member

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Jonathan Palmer

VP Technology & Innovation

25+ years of delivering retail technology solutions, including large-scale video wall installations, small screen interactive programs, tablet applications, and other experiential elements. Proven track record with a wide variety of brands and retailers from mass merchandisers to high-end departments stores.Passionate about family and sports, including Manchester United, the New York JETS, and the New York Mets.

Antonio Gorczany

Team Member

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Ettie Raynor

Team Member

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Jaiden Mante

Team Member

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Tom Mcauliffe

Vice President

20+ Yrs Retail Operations: Marketing, Branding, Fixturing, Sourcing, Construction & Design 10+ Yrs Retail Services: Special Projects, Sourcing, Installations & Construction Passionate about Family, Travel, Architecture & Design

Gary Newman

VP Client Engagement

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Susana Rosario

VP Client Engagement

10+ years of experience in custom permanent displays and fixtures from design to implementation. Proven track record with a wide variety of retail clients. Passionate about family, animals, and the great outdoors, including paddle boarding, skiing, cycling, and more.

Craig Clarke

EVP Design

20+ years as an industry leader in retail display and environmental design, customer engagement, and business leadership. Professional presenter and industry leader with experience through relationships with large CPG’s, hard good brands and global/national retailers and product launches. Passionate about design, fashion, immersive experiences, architecture, water skiing, fitness and enjoying life!

Cory Nestico

Director of Client Services

10+ years in marketing and project management with a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Experience working with the biggest brands in the world. Passionate about traveling, live music, and collecting vinyl albums.

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