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Technology Strategies for Post-Pandemic Retail

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The Retail industry must evolve in the coming months as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology will play two roles:

  • Deliver Information: Brands and Retailers will need to inform customers that products are safe to touch, handle, and purchase, and that proper safety precautions have been taken throughout the supply chain. Above all, consumers must feel secure and confident that they are not at risk.
  • Facilitate Communication: Shoppers will likely be hesitant to interact with store personnel, use test products and samples, or try on products and apparel. Interactive diagnostic tools can help to replace or support these activities.
As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will see a few major shifts in retail technology.


Digital signage solutions, which can be free hanging, wall mounted, or incorporated into a fixture or display, allow Brands and Retailers to quickly and easily disseminate information throughout their networks using custom content or social media.


Until very recently, traditional touch screen kiosks would have performed this function. However given the safety concerns regarding frequently touched surfaces, Brands and Retailers will need to explore other options.

The challenge for non-touch interactivity is ensuring a positive user experience paired with a system that offers the same resilience and customer satisfaction as traditional touch screens and lift-and-learn product launchers.

There are three technologies that can replace direct touch, product contact, and product experiences: (1) Gesture Control, (2) Voice Control, and (3) Augmented Reality.

Gesture Control

Gesture control, which is not limited to hands only, can include full body tracking or detailed head tracking. In fact, it is flexible enough to track almost any movement of the human body

Voice Control

Siri, Alexa, and other voice control solutions have changed the landscape by improving the actual technology and increasing users’ confidence and familiarity. RwoB can offer voice control solutions as part of interactive fixtures with or without screens, including automated fragrance testing technology.

Augmented Reality

Fixtures with augmented reality can minimize product handling and neutralize the inability to use testers. The camera and screen are incorporated into the display and do not require access to the user’s cell phone. This technology, which is similar to that used in gesture control systems, can superimpose products onto a user live in-store. It can be applied to any category that requires product trial. It can also recognize products without the use of barcodes or QR Codes.

The future of retail technology is full of innovative display solutions.


The retail industry will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the store environment, as well as the way we interact with people and products will likely be very different. Brands and Retailers will need strong and capable partners to assist in identifying, customizing, and executing the best possible technology solutions for their audience. The ability to understand, build, and implement these technologies will optimize the retail experience in the new customer-sensitive era post COVID-19.

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