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Staying Safe In-Store: PPE Kits and Accessories

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Staying Safe In-Store: PPE Kits and Accessories

As stores gradually begin to re-open, brands and retailers are faced with numerous new regulations that dictate what a safe and healthy shopping environment looks like for both customers and employees.

The NRF (National Retail Federation) and RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) recently released “Open for Business – A Blueprint for Shopping Safe”. This document recommends a tiered approach and outlines best practices for safely re-opening retail stores. Retail without Boundaries (R w/o B) is now offering a variety of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), protective barriers, and educational signage that support these recommendations.

Personal protective equipment will play a major role in reopening retail stores.

PPE & Sanitization Tools

R w/o B offers a wide range of PPE items from pre-packaged GO KITS to sanitizers, dispensers, and other protective items. Many of these products can be customized with brand logos and colors to differentiate the experience and clearly identify store associates. Sanitizers and alcohol wipes are useful for handheld devices, POS systems, scanners, and other equipment. Retailers can also make these items available to shoppers to encourage safe practices and further support the recommendations outlined by the NRF and RILA.

Barriers will play a role in protecting customers and employees as stores reopen.

Protective Barriers

Essential retailers, such as grocers and mass merchants, have quickly modified store environments to minimize risk for both shoppers and employees. R w/o B designed and engineered a single-sheet, clear front facing barrier that attaches to counters and reduces personal contact in checkout and customer service areas. It can be custom engineered to fit the retailer’s counter or fixtures.

Floor graphics help customers provide themselves and fellow shoppers with a safe amount of space.

Educational Graphics and Collateral

It is incumbent upon the Retail Industry to clearly communicate its policies and procedures to customers to create peace of mind and request compliance. The NRF and RILA recommend placing conspicuous signage at entrances and throughout stores to alert customers to the required occupancy limits, social distance guidelines, and face covering policies. This signage can also be used to direct foot traffic, communicate restricted hours, etc.

R w/o B can work with any retailer or service provider to recommend, design, and produce a custom graphics package that clearly communicates policies and procedures. As part of Innomark Communications, an experienced print and display manufacturer, we can offer a variety of high-quality window graphics, floor graphics, and signage solutions with fast turnaround and competitive pricing.


The retail industry’s ability to provide peace of mind through a safe and healthy shopping experience will determine the length and strength of its recovery. "Open for Business – A Blueprint for Shopping Safe” offers guidelines for sanitization, social distancing, protective equipment, and communication. R w/o B and Innomark Communications can assist Retailers and Brands to follow these guidelines with PPE kits, protective barriers and educational graphics helping them through the re-opening process and into the new era of Retail post-Covid-19.

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